There are drunken nights
we spend counting the stars
at the night sky veiling us,
whilst we tell each other
that we should be counting
the stars at the tip
of our lips instead.

There are drunken nights
when we jump off cliffs
and throw ourselves
into the void, and
do mid-air the things
we never thought
we could do. You kiss me
and suck out all the
stardust in my lungs before they
all burn out. And in the dark,
I see you illuminate while we
plunge down a thousand miles
per second.

Our silhouettes dance in
the dark as our alcohol-drowned
souls intertwine. It is in moments
like this when we don’t exist as two
earthly bodies but as one stellar entity.
It is in moments like this when
time becomes irrelevant.

But tonight we are sober
and it appears to me as though
we don’t speak that kind of language
anymore, that these mouths are no longer
familiar with the
words that used to come out of it.

Tonight we don’t drown in alcohol and
make poems out of our tragedies. Tonight
we drown in silence. Silence.

-Drunken Nights | (j.d.a)

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Live a life you are proud of.

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Such a lovely place to live!
This my dad with my dog Yoda and this is actually kind of a special picture, since they don’t get along that well normally..
My dog is one badass motherfucker

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